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Companies using AngularJS

Often times when something is simple it's popular to make it more complicated, and then when something get's complicated, it's popular to make it simple again.  AngularJS is a perfect example of this.  Front end web development was once so simple that anyone could pick up basic HTML and start creating web pages in a weekend, but they were also extremely limited in what they could do.  Fast forward a couple decades and there are now a wide array of very powerful front end frameworks to choose from, but of course many of them are very complex.  AngularJS has help with the movement back towards the simply by being one of the only major front end frameworks that utilize plain old Javascript objects (POJOs) for the model layer. This makes integration with existing data sources extremely easy, and limits the size of framework along with the bootstrapping time.  Less complex frameworks also result in faster loading pages. 

The folks running the AngularJS twitter account sum it up pretty well in their description: "Bringing 'simple' back to the development of complex webapps".  They also say: "Angular is what HTML would have been if it had been designed for building web applications."   

Anyone who has a complementary or competitive solution, service, or product should find this directory very useful. 

It's estimated that around half a million websites use AngularJS, including industry leading companies found in this directory, such as:



Ford Motor Company


H&R Block

The Gap


.. and many more

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