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Companies using Evernote
This directory is comprised of people who work for companies using Evernote. 

Evernote is a cloud-based freemium note taking utility on steroids, with over 100 million users. Their solution is essentially a database for all the tidbits of information you collected throughout the day in personal and professional life, with a multi-platform interface that allows users to create, store, retrieve, manage, and share information. Since their launch in 2008, Evernote has had many ups and downs, but is still the clear market leader in their relatively niche market. Evernote fans might point out that some of the company's well documented struggles are likely the result of the fact that we are still in a far from 100% digital world, as is evident by the 50 billion+ Post-it notes 3M sells every year. Ultimately Evernote may be the way of the future, ahead of it's time, and it might take them a while to supplant the much-loved / much-hated Post-it note.

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