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Companies using Joomla

There have been over 50 million copies downloaded and there are at least 2 million websites currently running on the Joomla platform.  This makes Joomla one of the most populate Content Management Systems (CMS) of all time.  Joomla is database driven, object oriented, mobile compatible, and uses PHP.  Since it's open source and free, Joomla is used by many freelance developers and small companies, but is also used by very large companies and even government agencies. The name Joomla is Swahili for "all together" or "as a whole".  

With the release of version 3.5, companies using Joomla may be excellent prospects for anyone providing Joomla related services, or even competitive solutions.  In general, this directory should be of interest to anyone with a complementary or competitive product, service, or solution.  For those who feel that Joomla is a CMS whose time has come and is ready to be replaced, this directory could be an ideal list of prospects as well.

Here is a small sampling of the types of industry leading companies found in this directory:
Unity Health
The Citadel

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Disclaimer:  LeadFerret is in no way affiliated with or partnered any of the companies in this directory or The Joomla Project.