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Companies using Wix.com
This directory is comprised of people who work at companies that have built their web presence on the Wix(dot)com platform.

Over 77 million companies and individuals around the world have turned to Tel Aviv based Wix.com for their web presence. Statistics vary on how many of those users have an active web presence, but either way, they are helping a very large number of people and companies with their website. The Wix platform consists of DIY site builder that requires no knowledge of coding, templates, an app marketplace, and various other related solutions. Most of what they offer is available at no cost, with premium plans offering custom domains names (as opposed to whatever.wix.com), ane email server, and various other upgrades. Wix detractors will say their sites load slow, or that Google looks at sites and content on Wix differntly than non DIY sites, but that not stopped these companies.

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