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Dog Loving Business Executives
Dogs are still America's pet of choice with approximately 78.8 million households owning one or more dogs, down from last years 83.3 million households.

When it comes to vacations and family outings, dogs have more fun. In 75% of dog owning households the dog is treated to rides in the family car compared with 8 % of cats who get to ride along. In addition 34% of households surveyed reported that the dog goes along on family vacations, in contrast to only to only 11% who bring the cat along.

When it comes to media choices, Hunch.com found that dog people prefer jam bands, reggae and psychedelic rock, while cat people listen to more New Wave, classic rock and electronic music.
Dog people listed “American Idol” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” as their favorite TV shows and “Crash” and “No Country For Old Men” as their top movie choices.

Anyone with a product, service, or solution that is especially useful for dog owners should find this directory to be an excellent source of prospects.

This directory was compiled in part based on information found at abcnews.com, hunch.com, and avma.org.

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