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Contacts at Green Companies

The world human population has grown more in the last 50 years that it did in the first 4 million years. The idea that humans need to change the way they use the world's resource and the rate at which they pollute the air, soil, and water is gaining in popularity.  It's not just the extreme tree-hugging hippie minority that sees the value in "going green" any more.  Even within the largest companies in corporate America sustainability and environmental responsibility has become paramount.  It's hard to say whether this is simply the result of the desire to have a positive public image, or it's simply motivated by the bottom line, but either way it's happening.  In addition to tax benefits available for green companies, recent studies show that the majority of consumers actually prefer to purchase from companies with a "green" reputation, making environmental friendliness good for business.  As a result, 69% of companies polled reported having one or more "green" initiatives.

Green companies don't just improve their bottom line through reputation and tax advantages, they also spend money on products, services, and solutions that help them get green.  Anyone in this industry should be able to find lots of prospects in this directory.  This directory could also be relevant for anyone that wants to use products and services from green companies, or even work at a green company.

This directory was compiled in part based on information found at newsweek.com and environmentalleader.com and ecoinsite.com.      
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Disclaimer:  LeadFerret is in no way affiliated with or partnered with any of the companies listed in this directory or newsweek.com or environmentalleader.com or ecoinsite.com.

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