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Marketing and Advertising Companies

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This directory is comprised of contacts who work for Marketing and Advertising Companies.

Most people encountered some sort of advertising and marketing tactics when surfing the web, watching television, or looking at a billboard on the way to work. At some level, marketing and advertising companies did their job by promoting their products with or without the consumer knowing. Just in the last year, the global advertising and marketing industry alone expanded 6% and reached almost $87 billion and expected to grow within the next five years, according to Reporterlinker.com. Other sectors that use marketing and advertising services include companies involved in telecommunications, technology, entertainment etc. While advertising helps inform people about the benefits products and innovations, it's also a way to engage (market to) target audiences on issues that matter. With an incredible line of products and services out on the market, companies with a high level of creativity on their team will see profits, build long lasting clients and receive brand recognition.

Some of the top Marketing and Advertising companies include:

  • Dealer Car Search
  • Alpha Marketing
  • Faction Media
  • Anthem Marketing Solutions
  • Dodge Commmuications
  • LeadVision Media
  • And many more…

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