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Multilingual Business Professionals

As markets around the world become more and more accessible thanks to technology, it becomes more and more important to be able to communicate to potential customers and partners in those markets.  This directory of business professionals is comprised of individuals who probably realize that more than most.  They speak multiple languages, in many cases fluently or natively.  Globally it is estimated that just over 50% of people speak multiple languages, and in Europe 56% of people are bilingual or better, but in the United States only 15-20 percent of the population speaks more than one language.  That makes these individuals especially rare and valuable.       

According to a recent article on Forbes.com, multilinguals also earn higher pay than their counterparts who only speak one language.  

Anyone providing a products, services, or solutions that is especially useful for multilingual individuals should find this directory very useful.  Also, anyone are looking to add a multilingual professional to their team, should like this directory.   

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Disclaimer:  LeadFerret is in no way affiliated with or partnered any of the companies in this directory or Forbes.com.