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Contacts at Philanthropy Companies

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This directory is comprised of contacts who work within or with philanthropy companies.

While most well-known companies find ways to also give back to their communities and the world at large, there exist a number of companies and organizations that exist for the sole purpose of improving the lives of others, and humanity as a whole. Ranging from charities to religious organizations to companies with the purpose of giving back, regardless of their tax status, these philanthropic companies make it their mission to improve the world, each in their own specific way. Two excellent examples of philanthropy companies are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which was created to support global development and global health programs, and the Ford Foundation, established by the son of Ford's founder Henry Ford, focusing on strengthening democracy, improving economic opportunity and advancing education.

While not every company can pursue endeavors on the same level as those two organizations, philanthropy companies large and small are making a difference in the world. LeadFerret has compiled a directory of contacts within philanthropy companies, ranging from very small to very large, and covering a vast number of philanthropic endeavors, making it easier for companies that want to work with philanthropic companies to be able to communicate with the appropriate people. New and existing LeadFerret users will be able to make the most of this directory, by having access to the prospects they deem most valuable, with complete information, including email addresses, social media links and more, making it easier to develop targeted marketing campaigns.

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