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Public Speakers

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This directory is comprised of contacts who consider themselves skilled in Public Speaking in addition to the exact job title they’ve been assigned.

There’s a common joke that people would rather die than have to engage in public speaking, since it ranks higher than death in polls about what people fear most. While that’s likely an exaggeration, fear of public speaking is common, and can hinder a person’s progress in the business world. Few jobs exist in life that could not be done better with some public speaking skills. From communicating with clients to selling oneself in a job interview, public speaking comes in handy on a regular basis in the business world.

Common Business Uses For Public Speaking Skills:

  • Proposals and Pitches
  • Job Interviews
  • Technical Briefings
  • Clear and Concise Emails and Written Communication
  • Effective Advertising Campaigns
  • Hobnobbing with Higher-Ups
  • TeleSales
  • Acquiring Investors
  • And many more…

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