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Video Game Companies

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This directory is comprised of contacts who work in the Video Game Industry.

While previously thought to be an electronic playground for children, the video game industry has proven itself to be a powerhouse in its own right, bringing in over $25 Billion dollars in the United States in 2010 alone, and, according to Reuters, was a $65 billion dollar industry internationally in 2011. Additionally, many of the advances in computer graphics, speed, and sound quality have the gaming industry to thank for pushing the limits of what computers could do, until those limits were changed.

Video Game companies employ a wide variety of people, from your standard requirements of HR and Accounting, to graphic designers, story boarders, testers, artists, and programmers. It's a massive industry with a massive following that is constantly growing, and shaping the electronic world. While games are still developed for platforms, platforms are also developed for games, which means the industry is a game changer, pun intended.

Major video game companies include:

  • Nintendo
  • EA Games
  • Disney
  • Mattel
  • Sony
  • Zynga
  • ...And many, many more

On this page you will find complete contact information for thousands of employees of Video Game Companies, all totally free, including email addresses, social media links, and much more. You can search and view all records for free, and only pay if you want to download records to spreadsheet. These contacts are all confirmed employees of Video Game Companies, making this list a great resource for anyone who deals with programming, graphic design, entertainment technology, etc.

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