What is the LeadFerret API?

With the LeadFerret API anyone can leverage the power of LeadFerret data directly for their own needs, or by incorporating it into a third party solution or mobile app. Just like LeadFerret.com, all basic company and contact data is free when using the API, you only need to pay (use points) when you want to pull email address and social media links for contacts you choose (1 complete record = 1 point = $.10 or less). Any LeadFerret account can utilize the API and your API activity is tied to your LeadFerret account, so any complete contacts you download through LeadFerret.com can be fully accessed through the API at no cost, and vice-versa. If you download 1 complete contact record with email address and social links through the API that you have not already purchased, your LeadFerret account will simply be charged 1 point. In short, the LeadFerret API is fully integrated with your standard LeadFerret account. If you would like to use the API in your solution or app and charge your end users for data they pull, you would set up a master account with LeadFerret, then simply pass on the costs to your end users through your own billing system. You can even mark up the cost per record and make a small profit on each complete record pulled.

The API is currently in and while it is intended to give users all of the search functionality available on the LeadFerret.com website, some of this search functionality is not yet available through the API. For example, you can currently search for companies at LeadFerret.com/search by company name or SIC (standard industry code), along with other fields. The API does allow you to search for companies by name, but does not currently provide the option to search by SIC. We will update documentation and notify API users as new features and functionality are made available.
To set up an API account, simply create a free LeadFerret account at LeadFerret.com and email requesting API activation for your account. Once activated, you free account credentials are also your API credentials.

Use Case Scenarios and Examples

The best way to understand how the LeadFerret API works and how you might be able to use it, might just be to check out these hypothetical use case scenarios and examples. Here are a few that might help clarify how the API could work for you, and/or spark your imagination:

Verifying and supplementing your own sales/marketing database

You can use the LeadFerret API to improve the breadth, depth, and quality of data in your own in-house database.

Connect to the API and add more fields to your existing company and contact records. For example, you could add revenue figures to your company records where missing, or social media links to your contacts where missing.
Connect to the API and add more contacts within your existing target companies, or more companies within your target industries.
Connect to the API and check to see what quality score LeadFerret has for contacts that match to your database. If the quality score is low, you may want to test the record and or suppress it from your marketing campaigns. A lot fo this can be done for free with the API, because you are only charged a point for each record when you decide to pull the email address and any available social media links.

Yellow pages website

If you had a yellow pages website that listed companies, you could allow users to drill down within companies to see contacts within that company. If you figured out a way cover the costs, you could even allow them to see the email addresses and social media links for those contacts. You might let them see the email and social links in exchange for watching a video advertisement that you get paid $.15/view for (cost per point on LeadFerret is $.10 or less).

Website visitor tracking solution

If you have a solution that lets website owners track information on the people that visit their websited based on IP address, you could incorporate LeadFerret data into your reports to add value to your solution and up sell your clients. If your user can see in a report that ABC company visited their website, you could use the API to add the option to see contacts at ABC company, complete with email addresses and social media links, and charge them a premium for this.

Data append service

If you are in the business of appending things like email addresses, social media links, SIC codes, etc. to your clients' lists, you can use the LeadFerret API as another resource to do exactly that. Often times you will be able to pull valuable information that you can charge your clients for at no cost to you.

Social validation solution

If you had a solution were you wanted to validate someone as a real person based on the existence of social media profiles and/or the volume of content and activity on those social media profiles, you could use the API. You would simply search for the contact using the API, and when you found a match, you could download the corresponding social media links, then check those links for content based on your own requirements.

CRM plugin

You could build a CRM plugin that added valuable information to companies and contacts within a users CRM account by matching those companies and/or contacts found in the users account to records in the LeadFerret database.

Email marketing solution

If you offer an email marketing solution, you could allow your users to create email lists based on criteria they specify, and automatically load those records into their account. of course you would charge them a premium for this above and beyond what you would be charged (complete records with email address cost $.10 or less to download thought the API), and you would also be adding value to your solution.


In this example, which is still a work in progress, you can search for companies by name, select those that you are interested in, pull the contacts within those selected companies, then select the contacts that you are interested in and pull their email addresses and social media links where available: Example.

More examples will be available shortly.

Contact us to ask about becoming a premium API user, or 866-535-3960 or email [email protected] This requires that you upgrade your free LeadFerret account to a premium LeadFerret subscription, which costs as little as $20/month.