What is LeadFerret Enterprise?

With LeadFerret Enterprise, you get all the benefits of the traditional single-user LeadFerret data management platform, with additional improvements specifically designed to help teams work together better.

LeadFerret Enterprise is a data acquisition and management platform that allows sales, marketing, and management to coordinate marketing campaigns, prospecting, and sales efforts like never before. Your sales team now has the power to help identify prospects that they would like to have included in marketing campaigns. Management can now give sales reps access to amazingly powerful data, while still maintaining control by defining filters (i.e. territories), applying suppression lists, and assigning target accounts. Everyone has their own account, but since all accounts are connected, you never pay for the same record twice. Each rep can research and acquire/download records, and if any other rep, marketing person, or manager wants to acquire/download the same records they do not have to use any points or pay to do so. Effectively, all points used in all accounts are leveraged collectively. The account administrator can also allocate points to each sub account as they see fit.

LeadFerret Enterprise is currently in BETA


LeadFerret Enterprise comes with a robust set of features to empower every data user, while still giving management necessary control. Sales, marketing, and management can now work together to ensure that everyone has maximum access to data, while management maintains necessary control.

  • Apply Suppression Lists (domain and/or email) to each member or all members
  • Assign Target Lists to each member
  • Create and apply custom search restrictions / filters (i.e. territories) to each member or all members
  • View member activity history, such as searches, downloads, target lists, etc.
  • Create a business group for your team with a single master account and unlimited sub accounts
  • Create new users within your team
  • Activate or deactivate user accounts
  • Edit member details, such as resetting member passwords.
  • Remove members from team, but keep their points and activity history
  • Invite existing LeadFerret account holders to join your team
  • Allocate points to each user from a single master pool of points, and take them away if desired

Challenges that LeadFerret Enterprise Helps Organizations Overcome

LeadFerret Enterprise is specifically designed to overcome many challenges typically faced by sales, marketing, and management within organizations large and small. Historically, tools designed to keep sales, marketing, and management all on the same page have only focused on data already in your CRM or marking automation solution, but actual data acquisition and research on companies and contacts to be targeted has been disjointed and often redundant. LeadFerret Enterprise changes that by allowing all parties to coordinate data acquisition prior to it actually being acquired.

  • Sales feels like marketing is not targeting the right prospects with their campaigns
  • Management does not want to give every new rep a list off all the names accounts and clients, but also does not want them calling on these accounts
  • Management feels like sales reps are targeting accounts that they should not be
  • Sales and marketing are often acquiring the same data and paying for it multiple times
  • You have a new sales rep, and need to get them some highly targeted contacts to call on as quickly as possible
  • You have a marketing campaign going out tomorrow and need more prospects to boost your numbers

Use Case Scenarios

LeadFerret Enterprise can improve efficiency, performance, and results for even a team of 2, and can scale to meet the needs of the worlds largest sales teams. It can also be particularly useful for specific situations, like territory based sales reps, or independent franchisees.

  • Large sales team
  • Small sales team
  • Sales team with specific territories
  • Network of independent franchisees
  • Sales Support researches and finds prospects for sales reps
  • Marketing runs campaigns and passes leads off to sales team
For more information on LeadFerret enterprise, or to schedule a demo, contact us, call 866-535-3960, or email [email protected]